Are you excited about the arrival of Kluest? So are we!

For this reason, if you share your enthusiasm with your relatives, friends and followers and we make the Kluester Program a success, all those who signed up for the closed beta will receive collective rewards!

What are those rewards?

In Kluest world, there are 2 kinds of coins, Koins and Krystal Koins. The first ones allow you to use the services at several stalls and get objects such as food to fill your health bar faster, while Krystal Koin are used to get new weapons, skins and permanent improvements.

Even though you’ll find a lot of different ways to earn both types of coins, what better way to start playing Kluest than with a good deal of money in your game profile?

Let us join together to achieve these objectives and these rewards will be yours.

How can we earn those rewards?

Spread the word about Kluest, face to face or through social networks, and encourage them to sign up for the closed beta (Kluester Program). You can join the program by entering your e-mail address on the bottom of Kluest home page.

Hurry up, these rewards will only be available until the game officially releases.