Will you solve the mystery?

Something huge is looming over all of us and only you have the key.

Very soon, we’ll unveil Sons of a Bit new project for 2018.

Next hint in...








If you have arrived here, it means you like challenges.

Do you want to be where nobody else has been before and win incredible prizes? This is your chance.

We are going to release a total of 6 images which contain a hint about the name of the project. Discover it, find the Facebook page or the Twitter account, like/follow and post this message:

I’ve solved the #MysterySons + # with the name of the game.

Have a look at what you can get!

  • Become our first betatester in the whole world
  • A customized appearance in the game, only for you.
  • A set of merchandising products of the project.
  • Visit Sons of a Bit studio (or talk to us via Skype).


Find out how we do the magic!




Coming soon
Coming soon

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