Hi, bombafans!

We’ve decided to restart the blog to firsthand tell you the development and improvements of our first project, Islabomba. We’ll tell you everything about the game little by little, the effort and sacrifice involved, the obstacles we have found and we’ll found in the future, but also the great time we have every time we meet you at fairs and events. We want this to be a more personal channel than social networks, a place to express exactly how we feel. So for this first contact, what better than sharing some info about the game so you can catch up.

It’s been around 3 years since we began our journey as game developers and we didn’t think Islabomba development would take so long at all. What started as a simple thing (a small game in which players had to take bombs out) has become something much more ambitious than our first ideas. Making all elements work and fit without making playability confusing or altering the pace of the game is a really hard and time-consuming task. Sometimes we have so much work to do that we find overwhelmed by it and it’s really difficult for us to dedicate all the time it needs without giving up our jobs, a minimum number of hours of sleep, and some quality  time (less than anyone would recommend) with family and friends. These two latter ones have been our our most important support, helping us all the time so we can reach our dream.

We cannot forget the events, where can meet you, make friends, listen to your ideas and suggestions, where we can see how much you enjoy playing something we’ve created with our own hands. It’s an unbelievable feeling. All these help us go ahead, the laughs, your faces of satisfaction or those high-fives when completing a level… Seeing all that is really rewarding and we want you to feel like that every time you play the game, so we’ll keep on doing the maximum to surprise you with every single element we add.

Many of you ask us when the game will release. Believe us when we tell you that we wish it were finished, but we know is that we don’t want to hurry or to deliver an unfinished game. Islabomba will release once we strongly believe it has enough content to entertaining you for hours and we have attained the high standards of quality you expect from us. Some of you have already seen and played several levels of the project, but let us tell you this is just the beginning, what’s coming next will amaze you and will be even better.

We wish these words have helped you understand how we feel and what we’re doing better. Hopefully they will also provide you with enough patience to hang in there until the game is released.

We’ll share more news about the novelties we’re working on right now, some of them really, really cool.

Hugs from Sons of a Bit!