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If you’ve been follow our messages on social networks or if you’ve been interested in our job lately, I guess you’ve already seen at least one of the videos of our #mysterysons. If you haven’t had the chance to watch them, visit this site, where you’ll find all the materials we’ve released so far about the project. There you’ll find out the hashtag #mysterysons is part of the competition we’re carrying out which can make you win amazing prizes if you’re the first to guess the name of this project following some clues.

Since there’s only one teaser left to unveil all the clues, we’ve decided this week could be a good occasion to talk about how we make these videos, the processes we follow and meet the people working on them.

For this reason, we’re interviewing Natalia, Lead UI Designer and Filmmaker who, together with the work and help of Edu, Gin and Diego, makes these videos possible.

Adrián – Hi, Natalia, today I’m asking a series of questions so our followers can learn a little bit more about the way we work.

Natalia – Great, Adrian. I’m ready if you are.

Adrián – To start… What steps do you take to shoot those videos?

Natalia – When creating a trailer or any other audiovisual material it’s necessary to follow a series of steps. The first stage is preproduction: Our partner and Product Manager, Edu, writes the script. Next, Gin (Concept Artist), who’s really good at storytelling, uses this script to create the storyboard.

Finally, it’s my turn in the production stage, in which I read the storyboard, soaking up every single detail from it and Natalia, protagonist of our interview, shooting a trailer for our new projectlooking for the best way to shoot it. I search for locations and think of the best time slots in terms of the values and ideas set at the beginning of the process. After that, I design the posters to find actors and actresses, which I post on social networks and put up on places which are more likely to be frequented by people with specific profiles.

Then, the shooting day comes. All the people involved gather at the locations, go over the storyboard with the actors and start to film scene after scene. Once we had shot all the material, I transfer it to the computer and postproduction starts.

For my part, I edit the videos, correct all the color issues and add the sound effects. My partner Diego, who’s a specialist in motion graphics, is in charge of adding the final touches with special effects and animations… And voilá! A wonderful trailer is ready to leave you all wanting more.

Adrián – How do you choose the actors and actresses?

Natalia – After spreading the word about our search, I receive mails of volunteers and the marketing department gather to decide who best suit to the ideal profile we were looking for.

Adrián – What do you base your choice of the locations on?

Natalia – At the preproduction stage, we decide what we want to communicate and what we want people to feel. Normally, I try to remember ideal sites in Murcia and search them on Google Maps. Sometimes, If I have doubts, I have a walk after work through the places I think could be interesting for the video. At first, I ask for my friends to come with me in those walks throughout all the city so I can use them as models to see how light falls upon their faces.

Adrián – What programs do you use for editing the videos?

Natalia – I have specialized in Adobe Premiere Pro for basic edit, After Effects for special effects, Magic Bullet for color correction and Adobe Audition for the sound.

Adrián – What do you feel once you’ve finished a video?

Natalia – I feel a huge joy and relieve. The truth is that I feel different things with every stage. Before shooting I feel very ambitious, while filming anxiety steps in, since I’m not in full command of the situation: Time can be an enemy, one of the actors may decide he/she doesn’t want to come or any other unforeseen event. The best part comes after reviewing the videos in the camera and check that everything’s perfect.

Adrián – Great, Natalia. Thanks for your time.

Natalia – Thank you, Adrián. It’s been a pleasure talking to you!

As you can see, making these videos is a long process, which is demarcated by a series of steps we must follow to achieve a professional end result. We hope you’re enjoying our videos and wish you the best of lucks in our competition.

Read you soon!

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