Sons of a Bit began back in 2013 as a humble game studio formed by 2 brothers intent on making their dream of becoming professional developers come true. After 5 years working on Alberto’s, our CEO, attic and because the team has never stopped growing, it was clear that we needed a new headquarter where we could go forward.

After carefully searching for a new office to settle, we’ve found the ideal place: Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Murcia (CEEIM).

Located in Espinardo Campus at University of Murcia, this organisation has some main objectives::

  • Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and business innovation in society, promoting an enterprising culture at early stages.
  • Encourage the creation and consolidation of innovate and technological companies.
  • Invigorate the attraction of “smart” capital and the professionalisation of individual investors.

When they called us to confirm that we could move to our new office at last, the truth is that it was a very exhilarating moment. Many of the members of Sons of a Bit didn’t hesitate to lend a hand in establishing our new office, a much lighter and wider space which allows us a better team distribution.

Alberto’s attic witnessed our birth as a company, it saw us growing up and reaching such important achievements such as signing a contract with Rovio to develop Islabomba – Ready to Boom, getting devkits to release Islabomba on Nintendo Switch or making Kluest the most valued project in a selection process over other 700 candidates to receive a subsidy from the Spanish government.

What amazing things will we do in our new headquarter? Our story is about to start…

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