About a week ago, we celebrated the first anniversary since we shared with everyone the first images of IslaBomba through our unsuccessful crowd funding campaign. Many things have changed since that moment, but our illusion and faith for the project are not two of them.

12 months ago, we were completely inexperienced in making a video game like IslaBomba, in making it known and commercializing it. The truth is that we still are to a large extent,but we have learnt a lot thanks to our mistakes (many) and to our wise decisions (we have made some of those too).
It’s incredible all the experiences we have lived during this period of time: We have received criticism (much of it was constructive, some of it wasn’t), we have met amazing people and we have seen how, by making efforts and being persistent, the initial opinions about IslaBomba that many people had have changed over time. It has to do in part with the development diaries you can find on our Youtube channel, but we think the most determining reason for this is our attendance to two important events, where people could play IslaBomba for the very first time: Murcia Game Party and Cartagena se reManga.

There we met many important people (entrepreneurs, developers, mass media, youtubers, podcasters, etc) but, over all, we met many wonderful people, anonymous and sincere, who showed their enthusiasm for the game, tried to help us make the game better, provided us with great ideas we’ll try to implement in the project and, which is more important, they made us realize people actually enjoy playing the game. Since we are IslaBomba parents, we weren’t sure if the game was fun only for us.

You provide us with the strength and energy to keep on working and improving IslaBomba every day. It isn’t just our first game, it’s the dream of a life time (well, two life times) which is closer and closer to become a reality.
These 12 months have been really hard, but great and unforgettable too. What will our second year as a company offer us? Can’t wait to find out!