Hi, bombafans!

Last week we tried to explain what we’ve been doing with Islabomba development so far. This time, we’ll inform you about what we think is the next big step forward.

Upgrading Islabomba from Unity 4 to Unity 5.

This is a process that will take some time, but it’ll allow us to show you the game as never before since the new engine offers much more possibilities than the previous one. Find below a description of some of the main changes we’re working on with Unity 5:

  • First of all, due to this change, an important part of the game has to be re-started from the scratch. But don’t worry, the game is already working with the new engine, we simply need to carry out all the improvements that Unity 5 allows us to do.
  • The new development tools are helping us fix several small bugs which were in the game since the very beginning. Moreover, we’re also improving the design of some levels to make them even better.
  • This new version will be much better optimized. So the game will go smoother in old/not very powerful computers.
  • The lighting system is far better this time thanks to the new engine. You’ll see that in shines, shadows, reflections and more. All this together will add truly professional polish to the game.
  • Physics are being substantially improved. Aspects such as the behaviour of the fuse, the movement of water and the performance of other elements will be more realistic.
  • In the future, porting the game to other platforms such as Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one will be easier.
  • The game might also appear on New Nintendo 3DS!
  • Online multiplayer modes.
  • Shaders and fur really improved. Expect a new version of Torito Rabbit as you’ve never seen it.

To sum up, Unity 5 offers us a wide range of possibilities and tools, and these are just some of them. We strongly believe that Islabomba will look greater than ever with this change and that the next time you see the game you’ll be impressed.

Meanwhile, we leave you with a sneak-peek of what’s coming.