Hi bombafans!

2 weeks ago we went to the 4th Cartagena Manga Fair which took place in Spain on April 23rd and 24th, so we’ve had enough time to recover from it.

At that event, we showed the latest version of Islabomba, a preview of it Beta 13, which was played by over 1,000 people. Those who had already played the game and new players were very excited and had a great time. We can prove it! There’s a video with interviews to some of the players just after they played the game.

People helped us with their feedback and support. How the game is evolving is something people really like, and we can’t be more pleased to see how our effort and time is really worthwhile. In fact, you can have a look at the latest updates to 2 of the most important characters of Islabomba: Torito Rabbit and the Bomb.

If you couldn’t come to see us to Cartagena, you’ll have the chance to play Islabomba (and more games) on May 21st at BayDevs in Cartagena.

To conclude, please watch the video below which contains the opinion of those who played Islabomba at the aforementioned event. This is the first of 3 videos that we’ll share in the next weeks on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to be the first to watch all upcoming videos and also those which have already been shared.

First video about Cartagena se Remanga

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Hugs from Sons of a Bit team!