Hi again, bombafans!

It’s been a long time since the latest version of Islabomba, and we can finally say Beta 13 is here after many months of hard work. We’ll update our website with a new demo very soon, so all of you can have a look at the changes we’ve been working on and learn what you think about them.

This new version has been so hard to complete due to several aspects. The first one is the transfer of the project from the game engine Unity 4 to the newest version, Unity 5. Because of this, we’ve had to remake the game almost from scratch in terms of programming to come closer to AAA projects. However, we know we have a lot of work ahead.

Visuals have been upgraded a lot, thanks to the new illumination system, smoother animations and the new 3D modelling for almost all the elements of the game. Step by step, we’re getting closer to the graphics we want the game to have in its final version. About this, it’s been really challenging to improve visuals and make the game run better in not so powerful computers at the same time.

Last but not least, the new and challenging levels we’ve added is another important feature in this Islabomba Beta 13. The first world is almost complete. We hope you like it!

This new version has been a collaborative work that has been possible thanks to our greatest team ever, not only because of the number of people involved, but also due to the huge amount of effort we’ve put into it.

Hugs from Sons of a Bit,

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