Hi again!

This week we’re talking about one of the most important aspects in video games, one element which is obviously present in Islabomba: music.

The soundtrack is being composed by Alberto Saldaña mainly, Islabomba Co-developer, who formerly worked as a DJ. Moreover, Edu Saldaña is also involved in music thanks to his musical past as lead singer and composer.

All the songs have as objective to provide the game with fun and a good pace so it’s more enjoyable. The truth is that there are songs of all kinds depending on what’s going on in the game, whether it’s an action-packed level, you’re in a battle with final bosses, the action takes daytime or nighttime, or it’s an underground level. Each one of these moments has it’s own song in order to create the most entertaining experience for the player.

Here you can find one of the latest song we’ve composed for Islabomba. In our view, this is one of the catchiest ones:

As you can imagine, there are many things you don’t know about the game yet, so expect more songs and more unforgettable experiences and situations. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy all of them as we’re doing while making the best game we can.

Hugs from Sons of a Bit team!