Hi again, bombafans!

As some of you may already know, we’ve decided to create a Twitch account to take communication with you up to another level.

Twitch will make easier share with all of you some of the most important moments which are to take place during Islabomba development LIVE. For example, some days ago we showed you the creation from the scratch of one of the new characters that we’ll include in the game in the next few weeks and, even more important, you can take part in the creation during the streaming to tell us your ideas and opinion.

Thanks to this, you become part of Sons of a Bit team for some hours, directly influencing the development and creation of the upcoming elements.

In the next weeks, we’ll broadcast live streamings about the development of the game (enemies,stages, elements, game modes…), commented gameplay videos and many more things that we think they may be interesting for you.
We hope you like the idea and you can experience in first person Islabomba evolution until its release date.

Hugs from Sons of a Bit!