Islabomba – Ready to Boom was born from an agreement between Sons of a Bit y Hatch Entertainment Ltd (a Rovio spin-out company, resposibles of Angry Birds), in order to make Islabomba – Ready to Boom the first exclusive game for Hatch, a new platform for mobile phone games.

Hatch is a service which will allow users to play in streaming a wide catalogue of video games, following the same principles as Spotify or Netflix. Both of them leaders in their sector.

What is Islabomba – Ready to Boom?

It will be a multiplayer online cooperative game for 3 players at the same time.

The game will have a powerful arcade component which will combine puzzles and platforms in a dinamic way. In it, players will have to cooperate in order to complete the different levels.

What does Islabomba – Ready to Boom offer?

The title will contain a range of exclusive elements, which you won’t find in the versions for consoles and computers.

In this smartphone version, you’ ll find a more direct game, with fast matches made of 3 ramdom levels from the initial 50, many of them designed for Ready to Boom and thus exploiting its full potential.

These levels will increasingly rise their difficulty, depending on the level of the player. In this way, you’ll always find a challenge made for you.

To level up, the game will consider the teamwork. If you cooperate and putt he bombs out very fast, you’ll earn more points and experience.

Regarding the score obtained, there will be a clasification into medals (bronze, silver and gold) which will give you a clue about how you have performed as a team. Getting gold medals in every level will be quite a challenge, even for the most experience players.

Another important element we have developed only for this version is coins, which will be spread throughout all the levels. These will also give players some extra experience points, so expect real battles to collect as many coins as possible.

There will also be chests full of coins which can only be opened by Dany Turtle, as well as gold bombs that will drop coins if Alex Penguin throws them into the air or if they hit an obstacle.

Coins can be used to `purchase´ different outfits and trinkets to customize your favorite character in original and hilarious ways.

Other feature we have included for the most competitive players is the world ranking so you can compare your skills with your friends’ and with the rest of the world.

At last, as time goes by, the game will be updated with DLCs full of new levels, enemies, stages, outfits and trinkets totally for free.

Fun will never end with Islabomba – Ready to Boom.

Coming soon for Hatch!


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