Here at Sons of a Bit, we have been working really hard to defend technology, not only as the main way of entertainment at present, but also as a form to make society better in different fields, such as education and wellness. One way or the other, one of the main objectives with our projects is to help people. Just like a video game is usually used to entertain and make people live exciting stories, an app like AARLens makes the task of scheduling ASD children’s agenda much easier. The same can be said about any other sector, since technology allows us reach goals which were once out of reach.

Thanks to this ideology which is written in the DNA of our company, we have been awarded something truly special.

It is an honor for us to share with you that we have received the prestigious accreditation of Innovative SMEs in Spain, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance (MECD) (order ECC/1087/2015). This title allows organizations and companies show their capability of innovation, through a correct evaluation of the used resources and the results obtained.

The certificate of conformity as Innovative SME is based on the specification of AENOR EA 0047, which establishes the requirements to consider a company as pioneer in this field.

For this, the companies must meet some of the 27 points described in the standard, which is in turn divided into Human Resources, Financial Economic Resources, Way to Innovate, Organization of the Results of the Process or Job Creation in Research & Development & innovation.

Moreover, these points allow companies to identify their strengths and weaknesses to improve their performance in the aforementioned fields and know, through self-evaluation, if they can get the minimum mark (400) to receive this certification.

The recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance is a boost for us all, enhancing our morale and strength the company philosophy we have followed since it was established over 4 years ago.

We hope to continue reaching achievements like this and keep on growing in the years to come in order to become a benchmark technology company in Spain and abroad.

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