Hi again, bombafans!

This week we’re talking about how Islabomba is evolving thanks to the game engine Unity 5.

So far, we’ve already ported an important part of the project to Unity 5. In order to do this, many sections of the code have been rewritten to make it compatible with the new game engine. This way, since we’ve had to change certain aspects to make them work with the new version of Unity, we’ve ben able to do them again, this time more efficiently. Islabomba looks much better now and it’s much more optimized, so this will make easier to port the game to consoles and mobile devices and will also make It work better in a wider range of computers.

On the other hand, restructuring the code (now is 100% C# and well documented) will allow us to make a game less programming error-prone. As well, this will make that future Sons of a Bit members can work more comfortably and faster on Islabomba and that some modules can be recycled for future projects.

Beta 13 will be the result of many hours of hard work and will mean the most radical forward leap in Islabomba so far. The game will look and play better than ever, but keeping the same playability.

To conclude, some changes are being included so your games with Islabomba are more frantic and entertaining. A sample of that can be seen in the 3 new beach levels we’re working on right now, where there’ll be new elements.

We’re eager to show the first version game with Unity 5 in motion and know what you think about it.

Hugs from Sons of a Bit!