Hi all,

2017 was highly satisfactory for us, here at Sons of a Bit. It was a year which made us evolve as a company, but also as individuals. We’ve received the prestigious distinction as an Innovative SME, we haven’t missed our date at Murcia se reManga and we’ve travelled to Barcelona to show Islabomba to thousands of people. Those memories – together with many more – turned 2017 into one of our best years so far. However, we’re sure this year is going to be even better.

Because… 2018 IS THE YEAR!


We’ve started 2018 with the good feeling which we ended the previous year with. We’re more motivated than ever since we have the most qualified team of our history, which will be reflected in many ways in the coming months.

The most important thing is that we’re releasing 3 GAMES before this year ends.

Do you want to know what games are those?


The first one is Islabomba – Ready to Boom. In case you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a version of Islabomba for mobile devices which will be available only on Hatch, a free streaming service for games. Ready to Boom will be significantly different from the version we’ve been working on for game consoles and computers, since Ready to Boom is an online multiplayer game with mechanics and levels designed exclusively for the occasion. This version of Islabomba will be more arcade than the other one and will offer quick matches in which players will have to cooperate to complete rounds of 3 levels full of puzzles and platforms.

If you want to know more about it, you can read our blog post about Ready to Boom or visit its website.

We’re eager to see how you enjoy this version of Islabomba, which will release very soon for your smartphones.


Another game which will release this year is our best-known product, Islabomba. It will have a complete and surprising Story Mode, which can be played cooperatively or alone. Other interesting game modes are 3 crazy Mini Games (Volleyball, Basketball and Puzzle), the challenging Arcade Mode and the frenetic Battle Mode.

At present, we’re putting the finishing touches and completing new levels and mechanics. As we’ve always said, we want the game to be as polished as possible, with a fun playability, tons of content and free of bugs.

Who knows? Islabomba may be closer than you think…

In case you want to see pics from the game or know more about it, you can visit Islabomba website, where you’ll find everything you need.


Last but not least, we must talk about our most innovative project. We can’t barely say anything about it, apart from the images and teasers we’re sharing with you through our Twitter and Facebook profiles. Currently, we’re carrying out a competition in which all of you’re challenged to find out the name of this new product. You can find all the hints we’ve shown so far, the incredible prizes you can win and the rules of the competition on the teaser website we’ve prepared for this ambitious creation. Join all our followers are trying to win the prize!

This project will be truly revolutionary and believe us when we say we can’t wait to share it with you all. We’ll tell you more about it very soon.

All this is what it’s to come in 2018. We’ll surely announce more things but, for the moment, let’s start to warm up your thumbs since this year will be full of fun.

Thanks for reading!

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